Saturday, September 29, 2007

My hero!

As usual I waited til the last minute to package up a swap. It was due today and since I don't drive I planned on having the hubby take it to the post office. What I didn't plan on was him waking up with a migraine this morning!!! So while he was trying to sleep it off I was quietly freaking out about having to send a swap late. The stupid part is the stuff has been sitting around finished for at least a week now(see that little pink biscornu down there?), for some reason I always procrastinate when it comes to packaging stuff up.

Anyways, I sent my partner an email telling her I'm soooo sorry for her stuff being sent late and then the hubby woke up, said he felt better and asked where that stuff was I needed mailed. He made it to the post office with time to spare and even brought me back a milkshake from McD's. My hero!!!

Then I emailed my partner again and told her to ignore my first email. She probably thinks I'm crazy now. Maybe now I'll learn to not procrastinate so much.

....probably not.

PS. I think the milkshake gave little baby boy the hiccups.


littlewanda said...

Hi. I'm one of your swap partners for the gain exposure to your blog swap.

I mostly rely on my other half to post my swap packages too!

Nariah said...

Keep up the good work.