Saturday, December 29, 2007

My Christmas Goodies!

My precioussssssss. I've never used a sewing machine before so it's been fun(frustrating!) trying to figure it all out. I think it needs a name. Any suggestions?
MIL gave me all this fabric "to practice with" plus two others not pictured. It's all flannel except for the pony and snoopy ones. Guess I'll be making a lot of PJ's and blankies!
My very first sewing project and (amazingly!) it fits!
Also from the MIL, plus a Christmas scrapbook which is buried somewhere in the mountain of Christmas toys in the kids room.
DH's grandma gave me all this yarny goodness!!! What should I make?!?
And since I'm really crazy I decided to (attempt to) make a quilt for Noah because Paige has about 5 or 6 handmade blankets but no one has made one for Noah. I have no clue what I'm doing, wish me luck!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Other peoples craftiness

Not much craftiness going on around here lately but hopefully that'll change soon! It's taking a while to get used to juggling two kidlets but I'm hoping after the holidays things will finally settle down to some sort of normalness. Actually, I have been doing a little bit of crochet lately so hopefully I'll have something to show off soon. It's a bit slow going though because I have to wait til Paige is sleeping to work on it. She's worse than the cat when it comes to yarn!!

Speaking of the holidays. I'm loving all the Christmas cards I've been getting from swapbotters, only half of them have been for swaps too! Oh, and I wanted to show off this card my hubby's aunt made. She makes some beautiful cards, I'll have to dig up some other ones we've gotten from her. I wish I had some of that creativity!

I think I mentioned in another post that I was crocheting beaded trim on socks for a one on one swap. Well, here is what I got in return. Knitting Cateling knit this lovely sweater for my son. She did a great job! I love the colors and stripes. I'll get some better pics of the sweater itself when I take it off him later.