Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A hat!

I whipped this hat up yesterday just for something different to do. The pattern said it was for newborn to 12 months (which is a pretty big range in my opinion) so imagine my surprise when it fit my nearly 18 month old perfectly! And no, she's not a tiny little thing either. My gauge was probably off...a bit, no big surprise there. I've been wanting to make her a hat anyways so isn't that convenient?! I think I'll make her a stripey one next.
I think she likes it!

Btw, the pattern is the Festive baby set from the Nov/Dec issue of Crochet Today

Friday, October 26, 2007


This week's SBQ is:
Do you railroad?

Nope, I had to look it up to see what it was! I may try it out sometime just to see how it looks but I doubt I'll make a habit of it. It takes me long enough to finish things as it is!!

I've been tagged!!

Thanks Littlewanda for tagging me!

This tag is in honour of the clocks going back one hour in the UK this Saturday. Answer the following questions and tag six people.

Well, I don't live in the UK and our clocks don't get changed until a week later but who am I to argue with getting tagged?!? ;o)

1. If you could have the last hour prior to reading this tag again, what would you do differently? I would probably have spent more time playing with my daughter and less time on the computer before putting her down for her nap.

2. You can go back in time for exactly one hour, where and at what time in history would you go? Just one hour?!? I'd love to relive some time in my childhood, probably when we lived in Germany, just not sure exactly when.

3. You have one hour to make a handmade item, what would you make? Again, only one hour?!? I don't think it's possible for me to do anything in just an hour, I'm too easily distracted. Maybe if I were in a nice quiet room all by myself I could put together a little ornament kit.

4. If you could lose one bad habit, what would it be? my procrastination! I could get so much more stuff done if I didn't procrastinate so much.

5. In less than sixty words, describe your perfect Saturday night. Me and hubby at home having a delicious dinner then playing on the floor with our daughter and watching a good movie.

6. List sixty things you could do with that extra hour. I really don't know what I'd do with an extra hour. I wish I was more productive with the hours I have already!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Not much going on here since I've been trying to avoid signing up for swaps for now. Key word - trying! I couldn't help myself and signed up for some of the Christmas card swaps. I figured those would be easy enough since I'll be mailing out cards to family and friends anyways. I love getting Christmas cards in the mail and hanging them all over the wall. Not to mention my mailbox has been seriously lonely lately!!

Speaking of Christmas cards, I took a quick break from stitching star light to do this cross for a friend's card. I was planning on making it into a card but now I think maybe I'll make it into an ornament instead.

And now I need to take a break from stitching to finish up some crochet for a one on one swap. I really want to get that finished up soon. I'd feel bad if it got delayed because of the baby coming. Only 3ish weeks to go!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

New starts and firsts

I've cut waaaay back with swap-bot due to the new baby coming sometime in the next month or so. I know most people are understanding there but some aren't and I don't want to be called a bad swapper or get stuck with a bad rating because of having to deal with a new baby, a toddler and the holidays. Shame on life for getting in the way of swapping!!! ;o)

Anyways, with no matchboxes or biscornus to make for anybody I've been able to get some things started for myself. Yes, you read that right, I'm finally making something for myself!!
I got this pattern and fabric from a local shop called A Stitcher's Garden. They have classes and stitch-ins and the ladies there are always very helpful, unfortunately they don't sell online.
I decided to go with this pretty hand-dyed purple fabric instead of the blue suggested by the pattern so I hope it'll look ok. The only thing I know about the fabric is it's 28ct and the color is called Beach Plum. After much indecision I finally decided to do this one 2 over 2 and my eyes are very greatful for that. I've never stitched on anything other than white/off-white and let me tell you, stitching purple on purple is very rough on the eyes!!
Started on Oct. 13th
P.S. I need to invest in a set of bigger QSnaps!

I plan on making 3 of these ornaments. One for me and DH and one for each of the kiddies. I decided to try out 1 over 1 on 28ct evenweave. I like how it looks, but again, a bit rough on the eyes. I need to win the lotto so I can buy one of those OTT-Lites!! Another first for me will be doing the finishing on these. Anybody know of any good tutorials?

I want to make a wips progress list thingy on the side of my blog. I'll have to play around and see what I can do....and hopefully not screw anything up.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Purple biscornu

For another swap. Maybe someday I'll make one for myself!

My first ATCs!

These are my first ATC's. Well, the first ones I think are decent enough to be sent out into the world. I'm pretty happy with how the turned out and even made some extras. I used Snow Accent to get the bumpiness and wooden buttons for the starfish.
My first late swap :o(. My list for the I love Lists #7 swap is getting sent out a day late cause I had a brain fart and didn't realize the send by date was a Sunday...and cause I procrastinated too long with putting it together. I had some serious crafter's block with this one. All that was requiered was a list but I really felt like I needed to add something. I had fun putting stuff together once I finally got some ideas, wish I had time to do a couple more.