Friday, March 28, 2008

Inspire Me Thursday....on Friday

I decided to try out Inspire Me Thursday. This weeks theme is Two. Since I just got a new camera I decided to take a picture of my two.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My happy mailbox

I haven't been getting much done lately. My ambition seems to have flown out the window. Not fair! But I have been getting some great stuff in the mail lately so I'll get some inspiration and get my butt in gear!

I got these wooden letters from PiNkPaPeRcRaFtEr for the Make my daughter something swap. I've been wanting to do the same thing myself and she beat me to it! I think they'll look great on the wall in her bedroom.

I received this wonderful package from Keroleen73 for our one on one swap. Lots of fun goodies including two discs packed full of cross stitch patterns!

I joined the Pity Party group on swapbot and signed up for the You've Got Mail drawing. I thought it would be great to send someone a package to cheer them up. I was very very surprised to find out that I won the drawing!! I received my first package from thatzghetto(love that name!) She sent me some great little kits, buttons and paper.

Sunshine9905 sent me these goodies for the YGM. I can't wait to find something to use those tags on!

I wonder what the mailman will bring me today. I think I'll fire up the sewing machine today!

Monday, March 17, 2008

No peeking Yarni Gras!!

This is most the crafty stuff I bought over the weekend. Don't know why I took a picture of it. I was in a picture taking mood I guess.Make my daughter something swap. Mom2Abby said her daughter likes pink polka dots and I read on her profile that she likes Abby Cadabby. Since her daughter is only 5 months old I decided to make her a blanket. It's a little bigger than crib size so she'll still be able to use it when she moves up to a big girl bed! The flower fabric was the closest I could find to pink polka dots, I hope she doesn't mind! For some reason the only polka dots I could find where all blue, green or purple.

These fabrics are for a one on one swap with Yarni Gras. I hope she doesn't see them here before she gets them in the mail! She sent me a great bunch of cross stitch patterns and extra goodies. I really love the kitchen fabric and plan on going back to buy some for myself!!
I bought this fabric for myself. Now what should I do with it?!? I think this is the beginnings of beautiful fabric stash!
Where woman create swap. I had just decided to buy a new cabinet to hold all my crafty stuff so I decided to take before and after pictures for this swap. As you can see, everything was a mess before and looks a lot better now! I wonder how long it'll stay organized.
I embroidered this bookmark to include in the swap. I really wish I'd had time to make something more. Because of getting behind on my swaps I wasn't able to do as much on this one as I would have liked.
This is for a one on one with Keroleen73. I was originally supposed to send her a special edition cross stitch magazine but we found out later that that magazine wasn't being made anymore. So I sent her a bunch of profile goodies. Again, I wish I could have sent her so much more!

Will I ever get anything done for myself? Oh well, I'm having fun swapping!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Swaps swaps everywhere!!

I had a pretty busy weekend working on my late swaps and also trying to make sure I get others done before they're late too! I need to quit signing up for swaps that all end around the same time. Anyways, I got a couple swaps sent out on Saturday, a couple more to send out today and a couple more to send out sometime this week!!

These are for the Easter Circle Book swap. I had to make a page for nine partners. I did make an extra one for myself but it's not finished cause I ran out of bunnies. I've never made a circle page before so I hope my partners like them! I keep thinking I should have done something more with them but I had a pretty hard time coming with these to begin with. I bought several different Easter themed embelishments and papers but nothing seemed to go together very well.

The ribbon has bunnies on it and says Happy Easter
I'll probably try these again sometime. I like that I only had to design one page instead of a whole book. I already got five pages from my other partners and can't wait to get the rest. I think the book will look great when it's all put together.

These are for several different ATC swaps. Again, not completely happy with some of these. I just never seem to have the right supplies. Or maybe I'm just being too hard on myself?

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Healthy at last....maybe

Believe it or not, I got strep for the third time in a row! Hopefully it's gone for good now. It's been very frustrating, especially since it has caused me to be late on several swaps. I just sent messages to all my partners and am hoping they'll all be understanding. Three of the late swaps are for ATCs so I should be able to get those done pretty quickly.

No pictures today :o( Hopefully I'll have a lot more crafty stuff to show off sooon!!!