Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Been working on a lot of random projects here and there. Don't really have a lot to show off since a) I have yet to finish anything and b) half of it is for Christmas. But, I did take a couple random pics just have something to show off.

<-- This is my humble stash, most of it anyways, minus a couple wips that are in the living room. The green bin is empty, the black bin is full of mostly lionbrand homespun and a couple other random yarns, the blue bin has some odds and ends that I don't know what to do with and the clear bin is my filet projects. I also have stacks of magazines and booklets all over the place waiting to be organized....someday. The kitty is my first baby girl, Jasmin. She likes to hang out with me in the computer room.

The Between Meals Centerpeice from Annie's Attic. There's only about ten rounds left to do but it takes soooo long just to do one round that I haven't touched in in a couple weeks. Been working on Christmas stuff remember?
The beginnings of my friend Whitney's afghan, and it only took
me about 2 years to finally get it going. The squares are supposed to be 12 inch but they're only coming out 10 inches. For some reason I'm crocheting these pretty tight and have to remind myself to loosen up when I work on other projects.

Sorry for the cruddy pics. Thank you to those who have commented so far! It's nice to know there's some people checking out my blog already and I love getting comments. Now can someone please tell me there's an easier way to post pics in this blog! Everytime I add an image it sticks them at the top of the entry and it's a pain to move them down to where I want them in this little box they give you to type in. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

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