Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm still here!

Happy New Year everybody! I hope you all had wonderful holidays. I took a little break from cross stitch to crochet a bunch of hats and scarves for gifts. I also managed to finally finish DH's quilt and framed MIL and SIL's gifts myself.

Noah checking out daddy's quilt. I finished it while DH was at work and surprised him with it on Christmas.

I'm really happy with how this turned out for my first quilt. But next time I'll pick the fabrics myself.
SIL's Christmas gift. I was hoping to find a better frame but had to settle for a plain one.
I love this frame and knew it would be perfect as soon as I saw it.
Close up of frame
My first finish of 2009!
I finally got back to work on Noah's stocking and , thanks to the Facebook SAL group, I FINALLY finished the never ending red of Santa's shirt!!! Santa also now has eyes, train tracks over his head and the beginnings of a train underneath him.


Jenn Entropy said...

Aawwww - thank you so much for your comment on my poor finger. It is feeling better :-).

I love the quilt! Did you take a class? I was thinking about taking one, but the place near me scheduled during the Stitcher's Retreat - How rude! ;-).

I hope the kiddos are growing nice and strong!

Pikaboo said...

Hi Jenn, I've never taken a class although I'd like too. I just kinda looked up tips online and fumbled my way through it. Lol, I wonder what I could do if I actually knew what I was doing!
You're going to the Stitcher's Retreat?!? I'm so jealous!