Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I blinked

Has it really been six months already?!? With taking care of 3 kidlets, moving in temporarily with the in-laws, house hunting and getting ready for kindergarten I've been a wee bit busy. Most of my crafty supplies are packed away in storage but I kept out all the cross stitch stuff and the crochet hooks. I've managed to stay sane by doing as much stitching as I can when I can which is, of course, no where near as much as I'd like!!

This is the Oak Haven SAL, not sure if I showed this one here before.

I'm a bit behind, I think I had the April square started the last time I worked on it.

This one is actually part of a bigger pattern but I just wanted to do the tiny sampler. The pattern is an old one found at a rummage sale and looks like it might have been taken out of a book or magazine.
Better late than never! I finally found a pattern I liked for my son's birth sampler. Peapod Baby Sampler by Bent Creek. As usual I used my own colors instead of the recommended threads.

My current WIP - Rules For Life by Kincavel Krosses. I only have a little bit more to go on this one. I've really enjoyed stitching all the different fonts and the sparkly fabric is perfect for this design.

No post is complete without one of my 3 greatest creations! Emily at 5 months old.

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