Monday, November 05, 2012

Tis the season

I haven't gotten much further on ABC Christmas.  I took a break from it to finish a UFO from over the summer than whipped out a couple small pieces which I can't show because they may end up being gifts.
 Speaking of frogs, I had to frog that bit of pink I was working on in this pic cause it was over one square too far and would have been touching the u.  I'm glad I noticed before I got too far!  I'm actually surprised with how far I've gotten on this one already.  I guess that's an advantage of having a broken ankle.

Last month I discovered Sticheree and her Merry & Bright SAL.  I wish I had the skillz for designing stuff like this.  I wanted to start it right then and there but, of course, all the fabric I had was just a little too small.  So I had to wait til I could get to the store to get some.  I wasn't able to order the threads listed like I wanted so I had to wait again til I could get the suggested DMC threads at the crafty store.  A disadvantadge to having a broken ankle!  
Anyway I finally got to get it started last night and the first thing I did was switch out the DMC aqua for some Gentle Art Sampler Threads in Tutti Frutti that I happened to already have.  And then today I changed the green to a darker green.  This pic isn't the greatest, the fabric and aqua are actually darker than they look here.  I'll try to get a better pic next time.

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