Friday, July 19, 2013

So behind

I've been wanting to update for about two weeks now but my 2 year old always has other plans for me.  I haven't been able to do much stitching for the same reason.  Oh well, she'll only be 2 once, right?

I just wanted to take a quick minute to say hello to my new visiters and to show where I'm at with my summer stitching.  Almost 3 weeks behind on it, Yikes!  Can somebody please loan me some stitching time?!?
^ Speaking of 2 year olds, those are her grubby little fingers up there! ^

To be honest getting behind isn't completely her fault (love ya baby girl!).  Imaginesque has been posting some pretty cool quilt block templates so I wanted to try out my new EPP skillz.  I even got brave and attempted some fussy cutting for the middle pieces.  I don't think the feather print looks that great but I'm real happy with how the center came out.  DH has claimed it for himself so I think I'll make it a big mug rug.  He'll have to be patient til I learn how to do binding.

And this is how I'll get myself to get 'r done.  No playing with the new pretties until I get caught up!!  How's that for incentive?


Anonymous said...

Love your hexies! So cute and cool!

And I want your owl fabric. Did you get that at Hobby Lobby?!

Pikaboo said...

Yup, got all of them that day we were gonna meet up. Owls always make me think of you!