Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Better early than never

Since Baby Eviction Day is Valentine's Day I figured I should get the kids valentines done ahead of time just in case baby decides to show up early. Both kids are in the same preschool class so I wanted to make them each something different.

I thought these would be perfect for Paige since she's always playing with my ipod. Unfortunately the boxes of hearts I bought were too big. I was just gonna deal with it and make it work but then I happened to find this one which was made to fit the boxes I had and also looks more like my ipod! I already had the peanut butter cups for the original idea so I went ahead and added them to these. Wonder if anybody will recognize them as earbuds.

Family 058

I decided to go with these for Noah (any excuse to break out the sewing machine!) Along with the cinnamon hearts I added little stretchy monkeys I found at Target.

Family 059

Feels good to have something done ahead of time for once. I must have the crafty version of nesting.

....I really should get that hospital bag packed.

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