Monday, January 17, 2011

Still stitching

I haven’t had the ambition to break out the sewing machine so I started a new cross stitch instead.  These hearts are from a SAL here and are meant to be turned into a 15 sided biscornu.  I decided to make a sampler type thingy instead putting them on a 4x4 grid.  Since there’s only 15 heart squares I’ll have to come up with something for the 16th.  Possibly a baby sampler?

CrossStitch 029

I did do a bit of crochet too, finishing up a mini baby blanket (lovie?) to match the baby blanket.  It was actually meant to a part of the baby hexagon sweater but I didn’t notice til I was done with it that  I messed up and made a pentagon instead of a hexagon.

crochet 885 

I haven’t finished the sweater yet and not sure if I will but here’s a pic anyway.  I didn’t think to make the stripes match the blanket until too late so I don’t think it came out as cute as I hoped.  It’s also way too big for a newborn so I have plenty of time to finish it if I change my mind.

crochet 886

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Elisa said...

Love your finished sweater - and the penta blankie. I did the exact same thing. Rather than admit I can't count to 6, I'm calling mine a 'design enhancement'. Lol. I'm sure baby will love it no matter how many sides it has.