Monday, July 01, 2013

I have a new love, possibly two

Last month I decided it was time to give up my craft room so the 2 year old could finally have her own space.  She's been sharing with mommy and daddy since she was born.  We originally planned to have her share big sister's room but that would have been a tight squeeze.  So all my crafty things are now crammed into my room which has made me realize I need to do some major cleaning out.  I have a lot of odds and ends of random projects and crafts that I've tried over the years but never really got into.  Things that never got finished or even started.  Stuff I don't even remember why I bought!  I don't have the time/space/money for all these half hobbies and all the clutter makes it hard for me to concentrate.
Yesterday I finally found the ambition to start sorting.  I've been wanting to get my stuff more organized for years so maybe it'll finally happen!

Aaaanyways, on to my new loves.  I never thought it would happen but cross stitch has been replaced with a couple new favorites.  I've joined Wild Olive's Summer Stitching Club and have been really enjoying the embroidery and English paper piecing.

Everything is cuter with a smiley face!  Every Monday Mollie emails a new embroidery pattern, there will be 12 all together.  Included are great instructions on how to make the hexagons.  This will eventually be a summer themed wall hanging.  Today we got #5 so I need to take an updated picture.

I've also joined Red Brolly's Girls Own Stitching Club.  About once a month Bronwyn posts a new garden themed block.  There will be 9 blocks to make a quilt.  Each one features a different type of stitch so they're great for practicing or learning new stitches.
The third one was just posted a couple days ago so I need to get started on that!


Anonymous said...


Just found your lovely blog.
Your patchwork and stitching is beautiful!
Hope you have a good weekend (:

quilty stitches said...

Beautiful work,,,I'm enjoying these two clubs also, so much fun!!!! Oh and my space is messier than yours LOL!! Found you through MissPaula in stitches :)